The Look

Making a statement without a word.

Our exclusive premium collection of boutique designer eyewear and sunglasses frames are expertly curated and only available at Matador Eyeworks in Milton.

Combining unique designs with the highest quality in materials and style, boutique eyewear exemplifies an unrivalled passion by world-renowned, independent designers for the craft – and the craftsmanship – of stellar eyewear.

We carry designer eyewear lines by Anne et Valentin, Leisure Society, ic! berlin, Matsuda, Gold & Wood, Vinylize and more. Visit our boutique in person to check out our constantly evolving gallery of brands.


Inspired by the McLaren MP4-1 Formula 1 body.  The characteristics of the carbon fiber and fiberglass composite are its unique woven surface – an unusual lightness combined with great strength.

Danish Craftmanship

BLAC is handmade in Risskov Denmark.

“Our story evolves with each individual who crosses our path: friends, customers, strangers encountered in the street,
emerging or established artists. From their personalities – deep, curious and surprising, who differ, in age, style, genres…
to art, in its many shapes and forms – architecture, photography, plastic arts, fashion, cinema, everything is a source of
inspiration to our creative flow. Everything is movement. Everything is transformation. Everything is colour. Everything is
matter. Our curiosity is infinite.”

Anne & Valentin | Handmade in France

Lamarca eyewear

Emotion, beauty, poetry, elegance and originality: 5 words that describe in short, the Lamarca eyewear collection. The desire is to create a unique product, which does not respect the strict logic of the market but pursues the dream of making a refined collection, whose models come from a path taken care of in the smallest detail, just as it once was: from design to design, from the choice of colors to the realization of the exclusive workings. such as chiselling, thermoforming and gluing. These processes tell a story of creativity and craftsmanship Made in Italy.

The project Lamarca eyewear of Trisottica was then born in the heart of the Marca Trevigiana, in Veneto, to tell a further story of the value of a territory always at the forefront of technology and rich in excellent craftsmen.

Lamarca designer eyeglasses
designer eyewear Milton
Lamarca eyewear

Eyeglasses + vinyl records = Vinylize


Entourage of 7 is luxury eyewear based in Los Angeles and influenced by the city in which it originates.  In the City of Angels- an ever-changing multicultural melting pot, we find joy in pushing forward, constantly reminding ourselves to always be courageously creative.  We aim to design beautiful spectacles for our rockers, rollers, lovers and sinners at Venice Beach- the birthplace of Entourage of 7.

We base our design philosophy on the heritage of Los Angeles eyewear – but not resting here.  Always keeping our eyes and mind open to new ideas we manufacture our eyeglasses in Japan and Denmark.  A great mix of tradition and cutting edge technology ensures a constant flow of creative ideas pushing our designs to new limits.

From classic Japanese hinges with double rivets hammered into zyl acetate frames to laser cut aluminum alloys and titanium we honor both the vintage traditions and embrace progress.  Just like Los Angeles is constantly changing – so are we!

 With a complex manufacturing process as discerning as their Austrian handmade boutique eyeglasses, Andy Wolf’s ground-breaking use of new materials (think lightweight, gorgeously pigmented cotton!) and attention to detail excite almost as much as their delightful designs.

Cutler and Gross.  Visionary British luxury eyewear brand since 1969.

Garrett Leight California Optical is born out of and continually inspired by the natural beauty of California and the dynamic people and cultures of Los Angeles.  We are proud to work with a diverse crew of local and international artists, writers, filmmakers, photographers and influencers to create original content and share our unique voice in print, in film and online.

Defined by lifelong beliefs and not brand strategy, Leisure Society is an extension of designer Shane Baum’s perspective on what life should be: spending time with family, friends, and enjoying intimate moments of absolute leisure. Beginning with eyewear that embodies the ideals of the CFDA member and designer, Baum’s passion for building products of inherent value led him to crafting the world’s finest eyewear one could possibly find.

Baum creates his collections with only the most luxurious of components: titanium frames, 12, 18, & 24k gold plating, diamonds, and buffalo horn. The sunglasses are made with the highest quality polarizing CR-39 lens available with, Anti-reflective UGR12™, Diamond Cast™, and hydrophobic coating. The Leisure Society collection offers an authentic approach to classically inspired designs using state of the art technology combined with handmade construction techniques.

“Each finished Matsuda Frame is an art object unto itself- as pleasing to the hand as it is to the eye.

Matsuda Eyewear: luxury through material, quality through craft, innovative by design.”

Matsuda Style – Made in Japan

Buy ic! berlin glasses in Milton, Ontario
Buy ic! berlin glasses in Toronto

We love ic! berlin! When the dream of opening Matador Eyeworks first bubbled into our consciousness, it was the first brand we knew we had to carry. A company truly dedicated to fine design, formidable craftsmanship and keeping their clients beyond happy, they sent us this specially written blurb that perfectly sums up what makes them so darn special.

They said we were crazy, but crazy makes the world go ‘round.

Unbelievably light, incomprehensibly flexible and built to last a lifetime, ic! berlin eyewear is cut by laser and crafted by hand in the Backfabrik – a former East German industrial bakery in the heart of Berlin.

Everything happens under one roof: from initial sketch to finished product, ic! berlin makes, markets and distributes luxury designer eyewear form 0.5mm spring stainless steel, premium acetate and 3D polyamide for men women and everyone in between.

Ic! berlin revolutionised eyewear with their very first frame – a screw-less, sheetmetal frame. How does screwless eyewear work? With an ingenious removable clip that holds frame and temple together. Every ic! berlin frame features this remarkable interlocking hinge, so every frame can be broken down into its individual parts and reassembled in seconds, without any extra tools. No screws. No glues. No welds. No witchcraft. Just award-winning designs for everyday and extraordinary showpieces for once in a lifetime.

From Berlin to Boston, Casablanca to Cape Town, our eyeglasses grace the noses of Hollywood royalty, pop royalty, blue-blooded royalty, movers, shakers and even candlestick makers.

Gold Wood eyepieces

In 1995 Maurice Léonard, our founder and muse, created Gold & Wood and set up his handcrafted factory in a small magical city called Hosingen, located in Luxembourg.

The first mission of Gold & Wood is to provide pleasure and dreams surrounding Luxury and high end eyewear, and Jewelry.

The Gold & Wood Master Craftsmen cultivate the perfection of this concept utilizing the strictest rules of luxury craftsmanship. They excel at crafting objects of exception, designed with the rarest of noble materials.

Gold & Wood models objects of desire, always imbued with a singular know-how.

Lady wearing gold and wood eyeglasses
Mens gold and wood eyeglasses with Hermes silk
Gold and wood eyeglasses for men
Gold and wood rimless sunglasses

Crafted from luxury materials including platinum, gold, Japanese titanium, sustainably sourced rare woods and buffalo horn.  Gold & Wood – Pure Luxury.

Designer Brands

Matador Eyeworks carries a full range of your favourite designer eye – and sun! – glasses. Showcasing the latest in eyewear by Gucci, Hugo Boss, and Kate Spade(just to name a few!).   We update our handpicked collections every season – so you know you’re always getting the most up-to-date colours and styles.

Our designer brands aren’t all listed here. To view our full knockout designer gallery, come visit us!

Children’s Eyeglasses in Milton

We have your kids covered too!

When you’re in the market for the highest quality and fashion for your littles, we offer up a special blend of superb, kid-friendly service and designer brand children’s frames that’ll win ‘em over every time… and have them leaving our Milton Optical boutique with a whole new level of stylin’ swagger.

Little Paul & Joe eyewear for children in Milton