Our Technology

 When it comes to transforming the way you view the world we go all in with our eyewear.

From your measurements, to lens preparation and the materials themselves, our technology is at the leading edge of world-class optical science. This is how we can offer the best prescription eyeglasses in Milton.

Come take a peek for yourself…your eyes will thank you.

Unsurpassed German Digital Measuring Technology

While other optical shops use a traditional manual device and marker to measure your eyes, we proudly employ the ultimate in imported German digital tech for the fullest spectrum of precision measurements available to create your perfect bespoke prescription lenses.

Spectacle lens preparation

Our on-site lab uses state-of-the-art Japanese edging technology to take advantage of the high precision measurement and digital lens technology we use. Some of our brands are highly complex requiring a level of technical expertise that intimidates most optometrists and opticians. Not us. We revel in meeting the unique needs of your precious eyes…so you can revel in seeing better than you ever have before.

Premium Lenses In About An Hour

At Matador Eyeworks, we carry a large inventory of premium prescription eyeglass lenses in-house and ready to customize to your look. Translation: we can have many prescription glasses ready to rock on the very same day, or in about an hour.

Prescription Eyeglasses Milton

Zeiss Digital Lenses For Handheld Device Users

Bringing the exceptional clarity of the ZEISS experience into the realm of your handheld devices, we’re thrilled to offer ZEISS digital lenses specifically designed not only for a wide, clear view of your world at large, but for relieving digital eye strain and powering a focus you never dreamed possible on your smart phone, tablet and handheld gaming devices.

Zeiss DriveSafe Lenses for improved vision while driving at night.

The Superior Performance of Zeiss Progressive SmartLife Individual® 2

Your eyes. Your style. Your life.  We offer ZEISS Progressive SmartLife Individual 2 lenses to compliment them all and completely transform your visual experience.

Your prescription is a personalized order for your eyes, but most progressive lenses are not, using the same optics for many prescriptions. Your ZEISS Progressive SmartLife Individual 2 lenses are custom designed for you alone, then meticulously manufactured with ZEISS’ legendary precision for preeminent performance, giving you up to 50% larger, wider and more spacious fields of clear vision than ordinary progressives.

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