Man wearing digital progressive lenses with anti-reflection coating


When it comes to transforming the way you view the world we go all in with our eyewear.

From your measurements, to lens preparation and the materials themselves, our technology is at the
leading edge of world-class optical science.

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This is how we can offer the best prescription eyeglasses in Milton. Come take a peek for yourself…your eyes will thank you.



Optical lab technician using machine to make eyeglasses in one hour

Premium lenses in about an hour

video of Zeiss lenses to improve vision while driving at night and in rain and poor weather

For improved vision while driving at night

video demonstrating Zeiss photochromic transition lenses

Clears up to 2.5× faster indoors

video demonstration how prescription eyeglasses for office or computer improve vision more than progressive lenses

Reduce Digital Eye Strain

video demonstrating Zeiss antireflection coating for prescription eyeglasses

Platinum Antireflection Coating

video showing how digital eyeglass lenses from Zeiss improve vision and fields of view

Provides a wide, clear view

video of model wearing Zeiss digital progressive lenses for the very best vision

up to 50% larger, wider fields of vision

picture of the German flag denoting Matador Eyeworks using German prescription lenses and measuring devices

Full spectrum of precision

“I wanted to let you know that I absolutely love my new glasses from Matador Eyeworks! … I just love [Mark and Zeena] and their store. It is a little gem and a wonderful experience.

My lenses are the best I’ve ever had. They took so much care and time to get the measurements just right, explain the different types of lenses, and determine what was best for me.” – Meg


Our eyeglasses and sunglasses are world-class, runway fashion for your face. And we bring them to you with a one-of-a-kind  boutique experience that’ll have you smiling ear-to-ear and eager to strut your style. We frame your eyes with the highest quality,  stunningly crafted products and lay down a level of expert personalized care you won’t find anywhere else.

From complex prescriptions to strictly-for-style shades, we’re raring and ready to match you with your perfect frames or  hook you up with contact lenses that fit your eyes – and your lifestyle – to a tee.

lady wearing prescription sunglasses

Our shades do a whole heckuva lot more than just block the sun.

model wearing contact lenses

Your precious eyes deserve only the very best in contact lenses.

beautiful Italian eyeglass frame

Form, function and flare together in a curated collection unlike any other.

Dry Eye Relief

Drop by and see us today for these dry eye relief products.