Myopia Management

ZEISS MyoVision Pro next generation lenses

Special myopia management eyeglass lenses from ZEISS are a convenient method for treating progressive myopia in children. These lenses are designed for treating the progression of myopia and are probably the most comfortable solution for a young patient.

Since lack of sunlight, more work in the near vision range and too much time indoors are also crucial factors in the emergence of myopia in children, it is recommended that kids spend more time outdoors – in addition to treatment with eyeglass lenses. Studies have shown that myopia is less common or progresses less quickly in children who are frequently outside. It has been proven that children enjoy better results by combining myopia management treatments with a healthy lifestyle – including breaks from digital devices like smartphones and tablets!

Please note: spending time outside in the fresh air and getting regular exercise, such as by playing sports, are part of a child’s healthy development. In order to protect children’s eyes from the damage caused by excessive UV radiation, special glasses for myopia in children must have a UV suitable filter. This is not just true for sunglasses, but also for children’s glasses with clear lenses.

ZEISS eyeglass lenses for treating myopia in children offer comprehensive UV protection: like sunglasses, they filter out UV radiation completely and protect not only the wearer’s eyes, but also the surrounding skin and tissue of the periorbital structures. Moreover, the lenses and frames should be as sturdy as possible so that they don’t break and pose a risk of injury when your child is playing. Eyeglass lenses with an AR and hard coating to protect against scratches are up to the task – this way the child’s glasses don’t show signs of wear and tear after their latest adventure on the playground.

ZEISS MyoVision Pro lenses – the next generation of single vision lenses with a specific myopia management design for children between the ages of 6 and 12.

These lenses feature an extremely short adaptation period and a unique lens design specially developed for a child’s growing eyes.

Unlike traditional single vision lenses, ZEISS MyoVision Pro has a positive effect, assisting with myopia management in children between 6 and 12 years old – with maximum visual comfort, since ZEISS MyoVision Pro eyeglass lenses are also customized to match your child’s anatomy and lifestyle.

How does ZEISS MyoVision Pro – the next generation of myopia management single vision lenses – work?

The unique single vision lenses with innovative myopia management. The ZEISS MyoVision Pro lenses specially designed for children with myopia are based on one of the leading scientific approaches for managing the progression of myopia: the edge of the lens is responsible for controlling myopia, while the area in the centre of the lenses corrects the child’s myopia and ensures clear distance vision.

I have bought several pairs of glasses from Matador Eyeworks since moving to Milton in 2015. I initially decided to give them a try visiting their website. The selection is great and the service is amazing. I appreciate that I am talking to people with knowledge of all of the products in the store. They have been very helpful in assisting me with choosing the right glasses for me. They are not pushy and do not make the process into a rush.

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Kevin MacDonald
Two children wearing glasses with Zeiss Myovision myopia management lenses looking at a smart phone.