Prescription Eyeglasses

Form, function and f – l – a – r – e

Together in a curated collection unlike any other.

We take your vision just as seriously as your unique style. Our constantly evolving selection of eyeglasses frames showcase a phenomenal blend of cutting edge technologies and exceptional looks. So, whether your personality screams swag or more subtle sophistication, Matador Eyeworks is ready to elevate your eyewear in a way that’s all you.

Along with Gucci, Hugo Boss and Kate Spade, we also proudly carry exclusive lines like:

  • LaMarca, whose gemologists hand-cut their frames to reflect light as stunningly as precious stones,
  • Leisure Society, famous for frames featuring pure 12c, 18c and 24c gold plating,
  • Blac, who boasts one of the few full carbon fibre frames on the market, and
  • Gold & Wood, hand made in Luxembourg, with precious metals, like gold, and ethically sourced wood and silk overlays, incorporated into their frames.

Plus eyeglasses frames crafted from pure Japanese titanium, vibrantly pigmented Japanese cotton, medical-grade stainless steel hinges, AC/DC Back In Black vinyl records and even plant-based frames that are fully compostable.

For extra oomph?

We offer frames so ultra-lightweight folks often forget they’re wearing them.

And a full spectrum of gorgeous colour tints ranging from blues, roses, browns and smokey greys for wholly customized eyewear expression.

Of course, Zeiss’ true digital freeform grinding technology is available for all of our prescription eyeglasses – so while the world marvels at how great you look, you can take in the world through the best precision lenses on the market.

I recently ordered my fourth pair of prescription glasses from Matador Eyeworks (2 glasses & 2 sunglasses). The selection of frames are so beautiful and on trend that it was hard to choose! That’s where the wonderful owners Mark and Zeena excel, they have such a great eye for fit and function. Once I picked out the Gucci frames I fell in love with, Mark did a phenomenal job of explaining the choices of lenses available. I highly recommend Matador Eyeworks: for the selection, guidance provided and welcoming atmosphere. Thank you Mark & Zeena!
Deanne Khan