Platinum Antireflection Coating

Introducing ZEISS DuraVision Platinum, the antireflective lenses setting a new standard for clarity, cleanability and toughness. Made by the company that invented antireflective lenses.

Clarity in an antireflective (AR) lens is measured by the amount of light reflected from the lens surface. The fewer the reflections, the greater the clarity. This means your vision is sharper in high glare conditions such as driving at night or working on your computer, and others can see your eyes more clearly.

ZEISS DuraVision Platinum reduces light reflections by over 50% compared to other antireflective lenses¹, giving you maximum clarity, day and night.

For a lens to be clear, it needs to be free of scratches. ZEISS DuraVision Platinum is three times tougher on scratches compared to conventional AR lenses, thanks to an integrated system of denselypacked coating layers on the lens surface. In laboratory testing with a dry cloth, DuraVision Platinum still looked new after 600 wipes while previous generations of AR showed significant scratching. No matter how careful you are, your lenses will inevitably be exposed to dirt and smudges. That’s why ZEISS incorporates advanced technology to keep your lenses cleaner, longer.

The only thing clearer is no lens at all.

ZEISS, the inventor of Anti-reflection.

In the world of eyewear, there existed a great need to see clearly without the hindrance of reflections. And so, the wise and learned craftsmen of ZEISS devised a magical substance, an anti-reflective coating, to banish the blinding glare and distortions that had plagued vision for so long. They harnessed the power of light, bending it to their will, and imbued the lenses with this mystical elixir.

The coating was a cloak of invisibility for the reflections that would try to impede sight. It was a shield against the sun’s harsh rays, a talisman against the glare of artificial lights. With the anti-reflective coating, the wearer could see the world in all its glory, with vibrant colors and crisp edges, unmarred by any distracting reflections.

It was as if the wearer had gained a new sense, a heightened vision that allowed them to see into the depths of reality itself. And like all great discoveries, it brought wonder and delight to those who beheld it. For the wearers of these lenses, the world was forever changed, for they could now see beyond the glare. And so, the anti-reflective coating became a cherished treasure, a priceless artifact of the eyewear world.

Mark and Zeena are lovely people who are dedicated to finding you frames that suite your style, personality and budget. They are strong community supporters, which is how I originally found out about them. I’ve since purchased two pairs of glasses at their shop and have been incredibly happy with both.

Shannon White