Soft contact lenses for sports

Does the student in your house play sports but wears eyeglasses?  Sports goggles are an option.  An even more popular option is soft contact lenses.  Soft contact lenses are now available in a daily disposable option.   With daily disposable lenses your child can insert them before their practise and dispose of them after practise.  There is no cleaning routine, no clumsy contact lens solution bottles or cases.  Every time your student is putting on fresh, new sterile contact lenses.  This greatly reduces the risk of an eye infection.  With the regular contact lenses, a cleaning routine is required that may or may not be done properly every time.

     Daily disposable contact lenses can cost more if they are worn every day but if they are worn 2 times per week then a 3-month supply would last almost an entire year.  This reduces the yearly cost substantially.  Also, the purchase of contact lens cleaning solution and cases is not required with daily disposable soft contact lenses.

     Daily disposables can generally be grouped into lenses that are safe and comfortable for 8-10 hours and lenses that are safe and comfortable for 14-16 hours of continuous wear.  The 8-10-hour lenses are less costly than the 14-16-hour wear lenses.  Let’s say your child inserts their lenses for a tournament at 7am.  The tournament lasts until 7 pm then the longer wear lenses would be recommended.  But if the wearing time is less than ten hours then the longer wear contact lenses are unnecessary.

     Bring in your student’s eyeglass prescription that’s less than 1 year old and we will fit your child with the best soft contact lenses that fit their busy lifestyle.  All contact lenses are professionally fitted by a registered Optician.


Mark Appleby R.O.

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